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donderdag, 08-03-12

Trends are tricky things

Some suggestions on what is going to be significant for us in 2012

by Matthew Mee, Director of Strategy and Freshness, MediaCom EMEA

Matt Mee

Trends are tricky things. Sometimes so macro that they are blindingly self-evident ('escapism becomes more important when people are miserable') or so niche that they exist as an interesting curiosity seen only in a single postal district of a capital city (for example, dressing like a robot).

Some of my dear colleagues at MediaCom decided to get together a few suggestions on what is going to be significant for us in 2012. I'm going to give you my favourite five out of the 29 that were compiled. Some are a little bit more fanciful than others, so please do write back at the end of the year if we were wrong….

2012 will be the when you

  • Get your head around NFC (Near field communication) payment. The Olympics will herald the true beginning of the end of the credit card.
  • Connect the wireless-enabled TV you got at Christmas (yes, I mean you) and get Netflix.
  • Really start to worry about what people are doing with your digital data.
  • Do something to lift the spirits of young adults - 2012 is tough for them almost everywhere (oh, and women and families too).
  • Buy a Chinese brand.

Of course, those early trend spotters the Mayans have earmarked this year as the end of the world, but not every prediction is always as accurate as the ones we give at MediaCom……….


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