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donderdag, 08-03-12

Give mobile some of your TV budget

Is it time for marketers to adopt a new approach to TV and allocate a proportion of the budget to mobile?

By Christian Schmalzl, Global Investment Officer, MediaCom Worldwide

Christian Schmalzl

This might sound like a strange suggestion but it's simply a recognition of the scale of dual screening that's now taking place.

UK twitter feeds during the Six Nations and the Brits, for example, were full of commentary and reaction to what people were watching on screen. Likewise in the US, the Super Bowl peaked at more than 12,000 tweets a second in the final moments of the match.

It's still too early for mobile media owners to start counting the cash and the time to shift budget hasn't arrived for all brands (as ever, it depends on your target market). However, the day when this might become standard strategy is fast approaching.

Data from the US suggests 80% of TV viewers are now also using their smartphones or tablets while watching TV. In the UK - the leading European market in this respect - the figure for Facebook use during the X-Factor last year was nearly 50%.

Asia is further behind but probably has even more potential to adopt such a change given the higher penetration of mobile compared to low levels of laptops and PC ownership.

Digital changes so much about the way we plan media but what's key is that we continue to monitor how it changes consumer behaviour and multi-tasking.

Brands have already had to make a similar adjustment when it comes to video advertising. It's now comparatively normal that video messages run both on TV and online (as well as increasingly in mobile).

Today, the chat around TV now extends well beyond the people who are in the room. Planning TV in combination with mobile is one way that brands can take advantage but the key to success is that the brand's message or app somehow adds to the viewing experience.

In the UK, for example, Sky 1's Got To Dance talent show called on viewers to become the fourth judge on the show via an iPhone app that lets them vote for their favourite contestants.

By bringing consumers into the judging process the app boosted engagement and attachment to the show.

The potential for all brands to do something similar will only rise as consumers increasingly watch TV in the company of their smartphone or tablet.

First published here on The Campaign Blog.


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